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Health & Safety Protection Academy is professional OHS training provider. HSP academy is committed to providing quality education, training and consultation that will enhance the abilities of those handling hazards and risks activities. Our experienced team and instructors cadre strive for a balance between theory and practical application.

HSP academy provide OHS training and consultation to improve your workplace safety by identifying the potential hazards and risk in the workplace, customized training based on the workplace hazards and risks and support to establish the system according to national and international standard and guidance.


To be the most preferred partner of OHS Training and Services.


  • Provide customized OHS training and services through the professional and trusted team to achieve your safety excellence.
  • Provide the quality OHS training and services to every client.


Our main services consist of four categories and can be appropriated to your organization needs.

Training & Workshop (In-house and Public)

Training is an approach in the implementation of OHS which is useful to assist workers in expanding knowledge about OHS and increase productivity. Because of high needs and increasing demand, we provide training services on topics that are adjusted with competencies required for every safety man and supervisor. There are two type of training, namely regular (public) training and in-house training.

OHS Survey and Hazards Identification

OHS survey and hazards identification is the first step to understand the hazards and risks in the work activities. Before the company developing the OHS system programs, they must conduct hazards and risks assessment. The quality and effectiveness of OHS system and programs established depend on the quality and accuracy of hazards and risks assessment. We provide the quality and accuracy of OHS survey and hazards identification. Our experience team will help the company to identify and assess the hazards and risks in the workplace and process, and provide the recommendations to control the hazards and risks.

Developing OHS Standard Operation Procedure

OHS Management system such as OHSAS 18001:2007 or SMK3 Permenaker requires the company to develop standard operating procedure for certain work activities. The objective of having SOP is to ensure the work done safely. The SOP must cover the critical aspect OHS based on hazards and risks assessment of work activities and process. Our experience team can help the company to develop and implement OHS standard operating procedure to ensure the work done safely.


We also provide consulting service of OHS for clients in handling the existing problems. Consulting services start from assistance to the company until the completion of the problem. This consultation stages starting from the problem analysis, planning, system application and evaluation of OHS program. Consultation provided by expert from HSP team to help the companies deal with problems related OHS.


We support and assist the company in finding solutions and resolving various problems of OHS in the workplace, so it can reduce the level of loss, whether an incident/accident, occupational disease, which can cause loss of working hours, lower productivity, loss of asset, or even the impact can influence image and reputation of the company.


Guarantee of real quality that we provide to every client. Maximum effort and dedication to always give the best is one our mission in works.


Ruko Graha Boulevard Blok D No.26 Sumarecon

Gading Serpong – Tangerang

Mobile Phone: 0812 8190 8009, 0812 1990 1006 or 0812 8388 6030

Phone: 021-29001151, 29001152, 29001153

Fax. 021-29001152

Email: info@hspacademy.com  or  training@hanosen.com

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